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About us

What does your brand sound like?

Express In Music is a platform connecting thousands of musicians with clients seeking personalized music. We personalize songs for your branding and communication needs.

Based on your brand's story and character, we customize an original song that best represents your persona. Touch your audience and customers emotionally. Engage them with a piece of personalized music that attaches your brand's meaning.

Express my feelings through songs...

Express In Music produces music customized to help you deliver your own personal message, for special occasions such as weddings or as a personal birthday gift.

Use Express in Music for:

  • + TV Advertising
  • + Radio Jingle
  • + TV Show
  • + Featured Film
  • + New Product Launches
  • + Corporate Branding
  • + Social Media Campaigns
  • + Viral Web Marketing
  • + Event Theme Song
  • + Live Events
  • + Gaming
  • + "Live" Performance
  • + Voiceover
  • + Video Clip
  • + Animation Sound Design
  • + Corporate CD/DVD
  • + Mobile App
  • + Sonic Logo
EXPRESS yourself.
ENGAGE an emotional connection.
ENJOY higher value, standing out from the crowd.

Quick Tips!

1.) The amount you pay includes rights to the music that you requested (except copyrights)
2.) You can have unlimited reposts of "Music Brief"
3.) A guaranteed response from musicians to a request

Who are we helping?

Musicians are constantly looking out for opportunities and it has always been a challenge to stand out from the millions of (original) songs and artistes that spruce up yearly. We aim to fulfil a corporate social element by elevating opportunities for musicians. Passionate artistes, composers and singers will find this an interesting proposition to help spread their music and monetize their songs.

Need specialized consultancy for your audio branding and sound strategy?

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