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FAQs for Clients

How do I post a Music Request?

First, get registered to be a Music Requester ("Client"). Next, start to create your Music Brief by selecting a Category (Please indicate the purpose/ usage of the music) and other necessary fields. Indicate your remuneration input and checkout through Paypal with ease! Your brief is then automatically up under our Project listing page.

How long do I run this Music Request?

The duration of Music Request can range from average 3 days to 21 days, depending on how fast you need it to be. However, if you need it in less than 3 days, do let us know and we will have a special arrangement for you. No submissions will be allowed after the closing date. You will have 7 days to select the winning track after the closing date. To speed up the process, you can select your final musician as soon as you feel that he/she is THE ONE. This will allow the musician to have more time to edit/create your music piece.

Why is there random noise when I listen to the entries?

The noise you hear is known as "Watermark". This is to prevent illegal downloading of the entries sent in. At the same time protect both you and the musicians. Upon selecting the winner, the watermark will be removed and you can download the actual track.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes there is a 100% Refund Policy. (Please refer to Terms and Conditions No. 17)

Can I give feedback to musicians who submit their music tracks?

Yes! Everyone loves a two-way communication! You will be able to communicate with the musicians via the Facebook comment box and advise them on any part of the track that may need editing. If you would like to drop them a private message, just click on their user name. This is also a form of encouragement and motivation to the musician if you take the effort to give feedback to their submissions. The more you communicate with the musician, the faster and better your final music piece will be. This will also show your passion and high regards to your Music Request.

Can I control my budget?

Yes certainly! You will be given a quotation range according to the fields you checked, there will be a minimum amount to enter. Hence, the budget is very much within your control. The amount that you pledge will very much determine on the song production quality and the number of musicians expressing their interests. The higher your prize money, the more quality entries you will receive!

How will the payment be made?

Major credit cards and via Paypal. ExpressInMusic™ will take care of the rest! We will create an ease for your convenience by doing the necessary monies transfer to the deserving musicians upon your download of the song.

Is this similar to a music-composing competition?

Yes indeed! It is like a music-composing competition whereby you will be the judge to decide who the final musician to compose your song is. As a judge, you have the right to choose and also reject music pieces. Upon the download of the final song piece, we will award the prize money to the deserving musician!

How do I write a good Music Brief?

Communicate as clearly as possible the feeling, idea and message you wish to express in the song. Highlight the key message to convey to specific target audience(s). A good music brief will provide a clear direction without an overload of details.

Can I change the details of my Music Brief at a later date?

You will NOT be able to make any changes after submission of the Music Brief. You may confuse the musicians by changing the details while they are working on your Music Request. Please ensure you have the correct details in your Music Brief before making payment.

Can I end my Music Request early?

Yes, you may end your Music Request before the closing date as soon as you have selected your final musician. By doing so, it means that you have closed this Music Request to all other musicians.

Can I withdraw the Music Request?

You can ask for a full refund when the project is still 'live' or within 7 days after the project deadline is over.

What if I do not like any of the music pieces submitted?

If you do not like any of the submissions, you can select the music piece that is the closest to what you want and share with the musicians what is to be edited.

Do I own the copyrights of the music piece?

Copyright of the music piece is owned by the musician and the amount pledged is a form of remuneration in support towards their effort in producing your music piece. Should you request for the owning of copyrights, kindly state that in your licensing rights that you wish to have the copyrights at a premium. Alternatively, you can request for an exclusive licensing rights to the usage of the music.