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FAQs for Musicians

How do I express interest in the Music Request?

It's a breeze! Simply set up a profile and start reviewing Music Requests. You may express your interest to a maximum of 3 Music Requests at a time. Choose those that you are comfortable and confident in producing. You may submit more than one track for each project. Join for free – and get paid for your efforts.

How much time am I given to produce the music piece?

The duration of Music Request is set by the Music Requestor and it can range from 3 days to 21 days on average. Time is of essence, but quality matters too.

Can clients download my music illegally?

Your music will be automatically watermarked when you upload to our website. This prevents clients from illegally downloading the music as it would be embedded with 'noise'. Therefore, your music will be protected.

Can I copy or use other existing music works?

All music works must be in its original form of creation and absolutely no infringement of copyrights. We like to see your truest talent and not seeing you get into the wrong side of law. Be original!

What format should I submit?

The ideal format should be in MP3, if not otherwise stated in the Music Request.

Why did the Music Request page close suddenly?

It means a final musician was selected or the music project is prematurely closed by the client.

What are ways to increase my chances of getting selected as the final musician?

READ the brief. Very specific guides are often found in the brief itself. If you are unclear, feel free to message the client for better clarification. The sound quality and amount of time you indicate to produce the music piece will be important factors. Your profile page plays a part too! Past music pieces that you upload on your profile page are indications of your music quality. Tip: Keep updated with the Music Requester's comments throughout the contest period and edit your music piece accordingly.

Will I get the full reward based on the pledge of budget in the Music Request?

Your efforts will be remunerated. Please note that an administration fee will be absorbed on your end when remitted through Paypal or bank transfers. All amounts transacted to you will be in Singapore Dollars (SGD$).

How will my efforts be paid through?

We ensure that your efforts will be recognized and duly paid as soon as the Music Requester downloads your music piece. Your remuneration will be paid to you either via cheque or bank transfer or Paypal (Any form of administration cost will be absorbed by the musician).

Is this similar to participating in a music-composing competition?

We see this as a platform in support towards musician development. Music is something very subjective to individuals' ears. This is an opportunity to put your talent across in expressing music through original works by you.

Communication with Music Requester is important!

Communicate through the Discussion Board with Music Requester – This will help you better understand the Music Brief, and minimize the editing process.

Can I withdraw from the Music Request after being selected as the final musician?

Not at this moment as we do not have this automatic function for withdrawal. However, you can write in an email to us.

Do I own the copyrights of the song?

Copyright of the song is owned by you and the amount pledged is a form of remuneration in support towards your effort in producing the music piece. Should the Music Requester requires the copyrights, it will be an additional premium paid to you and it will be clearly stated that copyrights is needed. However, this rarely happens.