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Project TitleVoice Over for Animation Trailers (MALE)
Created byEIM Admin
Created on23 Mar 12
Ends inEnded
No. of Entries8

Project Overview:

We need a male voiceover talent to cover the script for our video trailers. American accent is preferred for this project. It is ideal that the talent reads the script and evoke a vibrant and energetic sensation to the clip. Normal pace is preferred. Please refer to the YouTube link accordingly.

For Legend Patch trailer (Overall)

Maple Story Legend - Spot TV - PC

For Mercedes class trailer

For Demon Slayer class trailer (male voice over)

Here is the sample script to read:

5 sec : In memory of those forgotten stories....
7 sec : Legends a...

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Song Title:Voice Over for Animation Trailer (MALE)
Composer:Rowan M
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Submitted By:EIM Admin
Submitted Date:28-Mar-12 12:10:27 PM