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Project TitleLove song for a friend's anniversary
Created byEIM Admin
Created on24 Jun 13
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Project Overview:

It's my friend and her boyfriend's 3rd anniversary next month and i want to gift them with a song instead
For the song, i wish to have harp/piano incorporated in it, to give a kind of very happy and cheerful light mood
It can be a medium tempo song or a fast beat pop song that's all alright but no slow songs please
If possible, i would like the lyrics to be in chinese and the contents of the lyrics to be something about the feelings of first love because they are each other's first love and up until now they're still so blissful so i want them to remember the feeling of meeting each other 3 years ago back then and appreciate each other more now
The song references i provided are in korea...

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Song Title:Ai Wo Bie Zhou
Composer:4th Storey
Track Description:
Lyrics (if any):Hi there,

Kindly ignore the song i uploaded, as i'm just trying to reach out to you.

we create our own taste and style for on mainstream mandopop.

our first project can be found here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y1IxOCg9VA&feature=share&list=UU1VoS5Rz8fjze3VzrshzQ7g

and we will be creating more music. do you have any suggestion of the types of song you want? so that we can try to create it over the weekend, and let you have snippet of it first before deciding whether to engage us for the song or not :) let me know!

i can be contacted at 90616980 thank you! -William
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Submitted By:William Seow
Submitted Date:25-Jul-13 09:45:30 AM