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Project TitleLove song for a friend's anniversary
Created byEIM Admin
Created on24 Jun 13
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Project Overview:

It's my friend and her boyfriend's 3rd anniversary next month and i want to gift them with a song instead
For the song, i wish to have harp/piano incorporated in it, to give a kind of very happy and cheerful light mood
It can be a medium tempo song or a fast beat pop song that's all alright but no slow songs please
If possible, i would like the lyrics to be in chinese and the contents of the lyrics to be something about the feelings of first love because they are each other's first love and up until now they're still so blissful so i want them to remember the feeling of meeting each other 3 years ago back then and appreciate each other more now
The song references i provided are in korea...

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Song Title:Ni Rang Wo Ai Shang Ni
Composer:Daniel & Elyse
Track Description:The request to do this track only reached our attention at the very last minute, so this was quite a rushed track.

This would represent a rough idea of how the song would be like and granted this isn't perfect yet, however we would be more than glad to help you get the perfect sound should you choose to have our cooperation.

If there's anything, you can contact me at 81007248, look for Daniel. Thank you!
Lyrics (if any):Verse 1 :


让我不知不觉被着迷, 就像蜂蜜初次的糖蜜




你~让我爱上你~ 你~ 你~让我爱上你~ ohh~

Verse 2:

让我不知不觉被着迷, 就像蜂蜜初次的糖蜜



Chorus 2 :
你~让我爱上你~ 你~ 你~让我爱上你~ ohh~


让我的心扑通扑通跳, 就像红色玫瑰的美妙

Conclusion :
你~让我爱上你~ 你~ 你~让我爱上你~ ohh~
Ratings:3 Stars
Submitted By:Daniel Lucas
Submitted Date:25-Jul-13 10:05:18 AM