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Project TitleGeneric upbeat song 轻快舞曲
Created byAdmin2
Created on06 Jan 14
Ends inEnded
No. of Entries10

Project Overview:

The song will be used for personal recording with the purpose of it being a farewell gift to group of graduating students. This group of young students will be departing to their separate ways, furthering their studies.

They like to have an upbeat song as a memorable parting gift.

Please submit your song ONLY IF you have the exact minus-one instrumental track to the submitted songs.

Here are the requirements:

More variety of instruments
More digital effects (AKA sync)
Song Structure (V1, V2, Pre-Chorus, C1, C2 [to be different from C1], Interlude, 4 bars of 4/4 for
rap, V3 [to be different from V1 & V2], C1, C2, Bridge 1, Bridge 2, C2)

Language: Mandarin


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Song Title:恋爱养成日记
Track Description:
Lyrics (if any):
Ratings:3 Stars
Submitted By:Admin
Submitted Date:14-Jan-14 09:41:10 AM